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Today's tattoo artists do not need many different tools and supplies for their everyday work.  Tattooist will use a handful of essentail tattoo equipment in order to give a tattoo.  Lets look at some basic information on relevant tattoo equipment.  First the tattoo machine which is the central component of all tattooing equipment.  This device shaped like a gun is what the artist holds to give a tattoo, and manipulating it with precision to obtain the proper design.  The modern tattoo machine gives the artist an unprecedented level of control over how deep the skin is penetrated and the level of detail capable.  But what would the machine be without its needles.  Needles are a key instrument of tattooing.  Different types of needles are used depending on the job.  The needle is loaded into the gun, used once, and then must be properly disposed of.  Needles should never be used twice as they can spread infectious diseases.  Another critical component is the power supply.  All tattooing machines need an external source of power that can be regulated and maintained at proper levels during the dispensing of ink into the skin.  The best power supplies regulate their flow through the use of an attached foot pedal that artists can control without using their hands.  Todays ink is better and more versatile than ever.  Black is the most widespread ink in use, but every color imaginable is availalbe including strange glowing colors.  There are definitely other tools involved, but the above items mentioned are the main tools used.  Combining these four critical tattoo equipment components gives an artist everything they need to give a tattoo if they possess the skills to properly work, clean, and maintain this equipment.

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